Testimonials from Little Eagle Bay Residents:

“Our 4 years living at Little Eagle Bay were some of the best we’ve ever had. The townhouses are lovely and well cared for, and the *private* beach is tranquil and beautiful beyond words. The landscape is beautifully maintained and filled with flowering shrubs and greenery, feeling as though you are walking through a botanical garden. The time and attention to detail that goes into maintaining this beautiful property is unmatched; we truly felt like we had a little piece of paradise in Burlington.

“Holly is by far the most down-to-earth and approachable landlord we have ever had! It’s evident how much she cares about the property and the residents living here. The PDM staff are incredibly kind, attentive, and quick to respond to any of our requests. Routine maintenance was always done promptly and with great care, making us feel safe and secure in our home.

“Thank you, Holly and PDM, for the wonderful tenant experience and lifelong memories. I will always look back on my time living at LEB with warmth and a huge smile.”

“I moved from southern California to Little Eagle Bay in the fall of 2009. Having only seen pictures online (which looked great) I was pleasantly surprised to find that the apartments and property actually looked even better in person! I decided to move closer to downtown Burlington in the late summer of 2014 and within weeks regretted the decision. The convenience of being a block away from Church St was far outweighed by the substantial increase in rent, lack of parking and poorly built housing I was living in. Happy to say I’m back living at Little Eagle Bay now in the fall of 2015. Wish I never left!”

“I love living at Little Eagle Bay. The rents are some of the most reasonable in Burlington. The location is great. I can bike to work on the bike path and watch the stars in the evening from the private beach. I love that there are so many trees; it feels like living in the woods. It is very close to the Ethan Allan Shopping Center, hiking and mountain biking trails and convenient to downtown. The townhouses are well designed, with plenty of storage, efficient use of space and the bedrooms have large closets and a bathroom between them and only share half a wall with the joining unit. The neighbors are quiet and PDM, Inc. is friendly, organized and responsive. The townhouses just feel great to be in.”